One Red Thread


Discovering the Purpose Already Woven Into Your Life

Have you found your purpose? No one wants to live a life without purpose. We want our lives to matter, and to know that we have had a positive impact.


However, life gets busy. There are things to do and obligations to be fulfilled. Before we know it, life passes us by. That is until something awakens both the heart and mind. Such an event can be dramatic or seemingly very ordinary. However, psychologically speaking, something within us has shifted, and we begin to ask: “why am I here and what is the meaning of my life?”

Whether we are business leaders, entrepreneurs, employees, athletes’ entertainers, parents, grandparents, the highest achievers, or someone struggling to get by, there’s a moment where we will find ourselves asking; “What is my life’s purpose?”

Some experience this series of moments as an identity crisis born of imposter syndrome.
However, in truth it is the heart and soul calling to self-leadership.

Most people go looking for life’s purpose in places they will never find it. They look to gurus and personal development only to end up with less money and feeling more lost. We’re all familiar with cliches like; follow your passion, and the money will follow. But is that true? I’m sorry to tell you that the answer is most likely to be no!

In this simple yet profoundly impactful book, you will be given a map to your emotional source code, anatomy of meaning, and a way to follow it to get to the treasure known as your purpose.

Dov Baron helps you untangle the tapestry of your life to find that One Red Thread that is your life’s purpose.