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If you want to transform your company into a hub of dedicated loyal employees…
Dov Baron will get you there.
Marshall Goldsmith
New York Times and Bestselling Author

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Dov Baron is the preeminent expert on Emotional Source Code. He guides the top 1% of leaders to discover their personal and professional meaning. Inc. Magazine twice named him as one of the top 100 speakers to hire. Due to the unique nature of Dov’s content and delivery, what makes a difference is tapping into an individual’s Emotional Source Code; this is what gives them meaning, drives their actions, and determines results.

Fierce Loyalty

Go beyond “Why,” transform your Corporate Culture into a Culture of Belonging.

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If you’ve decided on the impact you most want to have in the world, and you’re willing to do what it takes, then you’re definitely in the right place.


Meaning is what drives all behaviour. You want more engaged, Fiercely Loyal talent… Give them a unified meaning.


Now more than ever, your people need to know that they belong. Your organization and audience need and deserve clarity and confidence to tackle a new generation of challenges.

Move your tribe toward decisive action

Dov Baron assists leaders, icons, athletes, entertainers, and policymakers, equipping them with the tools to tap into their Emotional Source Code.

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Value is Values-Based: Understanding Our Unique Perspective of Value

Take a moment to think about your answer, and I’ll bet that you could lecture me on why it was your best purchase…

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