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From business leaders to game changers

Dov Baron - Rupert Phelps - Testimony

Dov Baron strips away distracting management fads. Sensible application of his ideas would transform any working group.

Leading Partner, Family Wealth Group, Smith & Williamson​

Dov Baron - Krach Keith Testimony

Dov Baron has his finger on the pulse of what's working and he brings it to life with his direct, no nonsense approach.

White House, Fmr. Secretary of State and Founder of DocuSign

Dov Baron - Peter Samuelson - Testimony

He asks the provocative questions and he pokes out truths about oneself that one hadn't actually thought of. I tip my hat.

Film Producer and Serial Pro-Social Entrepreneur, PhilmCo Media Non-Profit Co-Founder with Steven Spielberg

Dov Baron - Dr. Ellen Langer Testimony

Powerful, exacting and humorous.

Harvard Psychology Professor on Mindfulness​

Dov Baron - Carly Fiorina

I KNOW you will enjoy his podcast.

Chairman of Carly Fiorina Enterprises, 2016 Presidential Candidate, Former CEO of HP, and Author of Find Your Way

Dov Baron - Guy Kawasaki - Testimony

Dov is such a great, conscious leadership guide.

Chief Evangelist of Canva​

Dov Baron - Chase Hughes - Testimony

Dov sees instinctually how different types of individuals relate to and move through the world.

CIA Trainer and Co-Host of The Behavior Panel

Dov Baron - Thomas Bilyeu

The advice that he gives, if you take it, will make your life better.

Co-founder of Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion and co-founder and host of Impact Theory​

Dov Baron - Dr. Steven Gundry - Testimony

Follow and listen to Dov Baron, he is going to change your life.

Medical Director of the Center for Restorative Medicine and the International Heart and Lung Institute, Author of The Plant Paradox​

Dov Baron - Scott Gration Testimony

Dov has a unique ability to connect with anyone no matter where they come from and what they have been through.

US Ambassador to Kenya, Special Envoy to Sudan, Major General USAF (Ret), Commanding Officer

Dov Baron - Eugene Lipov - Testimony

Dov's technical understanding of the science of life is of benefit to anyone.

Known as the Einstein of Modern Anesthesiology

Dov Baron - Scott Parazynski Testimony

A leadership development guru who can really help you reach your fullest potential.

Former NASA Astronaut, Founder and CEO of Fluidity Technologies, Inc, Author of The Sky Below

Dov Baron - Jonathan Sackier - Testimony

I physically feel different because of what Dov forced me to confront, and it didn't take months, it took a day, and then some enforcements.

Renowned Surgeon, Professor, Technology Innovator, and Entrepreneur

Dov Baron - Rebecca Costa Testimony

Dov gets at the heart of what it takes to be a good leader, what it takes to bring your organization into the future and what it takes to really adapt to an accelerating rate of change.

Socio-Biologist, Futurist, and Author of The Watchman's Rattle

Dov Baron - Claude Silver - Testimony

Dov is the real deal. He brings heart, soul, passion, and truth into the conversation. It's been a joy to talk to him, and I hope that you spend time speaking with him too.

Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer, Vayner Media

Dov Baron - Mark Levy Testimony

A fifteen-minute conversation with Dov Baron can change a person’s life. And, if you’re a leader, that fifteen-minute conversation with Dov can change the lives of millions.

Leading Authority on Differentiation, Simon Sinek says Mark helped him find his WHY

Dov Baron - John Oates - Testimony

Dov Baron is conscious leadership. He can communicate in a way that people understand.

John Oates
18-time Grammy Award Winning Musician, Producer, Singer, and Songwriter​

Dov Baron - Jamie Mustard - Testimony

Dov Baron may be the most compassionate, non-judgemental, knowledgeable and real person I have ever met when it comes to unsticking people and nurturing talent.

Author, The Iconist

Dov Baron - Nassim Haramein Testimony

Dov Baron has been thinking about the universe, his life, and his relationship to others forever. He's doing amazing work in synthesizing all of that in such a way that it is applicable in your life every day.

Theoretical Physicist, CEO of Torus Tech

Dov Baron - Jordan Harbinger - Testimony

Dov Baron is a great host with insightful perspectives. He understands what makes people tick, and he can get to the heart of the matter in an entertaining, educational, and informational way. Check out Dov Baron's leadership show.

Jordan Harbinger
Host of the Jordan Harbinger Show. Co-founder, The Art of Charm

Dov Baron - Tim Ash - Testimony

Dov is amazing! He has lived a full and dramatic life, and his intellectual breadth and curiosity is staggering. But more importantly, he burns with purpose and passion, and genuinely wants to help others to fully express themselves in this world. If you have an opportunity to interact with Dov in any capacity, jump on it!

Tim Ash
International keynote, marketing advisor to executives, bestselling author

Dov Baron - Nely Galan

Dov cracks the code that is the inner psyche.

Former President of Entertainment for Telemundo

Dov Baron - Lance Secretan - Testimony

Dov is a wise thought leader about leadership. His sense of conscious leadership is sorely needed in our world today.

Dr. Lance Secretan
Former CEO of a Fortune 100 company, university professor, award-winning columnist, and author

Dov Baron - Cathryn Gunther - Testimony

Dov excels at uniting people with compelling content that connects to the company's mission. A high-energy, authentic, and delightful collaborator.

Cathryn Gunther
Global Head of Associate Health & Wellbeing Talent Culture and Rewards at Mars

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