Dont Read This Your Ego Won’t Like It


Don’t Read This……unless you’re looking for a practical guide for applying the art and science of manifestation that your ego won’t like but you will love!


While our ego minds can be tempted by the rich promises of the “Law of Attraction” movement, it is the very conditioning of the ego-mind that prevents so many of us from realizing true abundance. Is there a flaw in the science of it? Is the ego-mind sabotaging our best efforts? Or are we missing a piece of the puzzle when it comes to applying the theory to our daily lives?

Mind master and manifestation expert Dov Baron delivers the key that unlocks the mystery once and for all: The Equation For Manifestation™. This easy, practical, step-by-step process will help you get past the ego-mind so that you can align yourself completely with your desired outcomes. You will discover the “X factor” that will help you bridge the gap between wishful thinking and practical results. You will finally be able to apply the art and science of conscious manifestation in your life.

Applying the techniques in this book, you will realize the true root of any limited beliefs still holding you back from attaining the levels of success that may be eluding you and eradicate them!

Whether you’re looking to attract vibrant health, abundant wealth or empowering relationships, you will find a treasure trove of practical wisdom within but beware: Your Ego Won’t Like It!