Purpose’s Missing Piece


7 Steps Process for Getting Your Top People Fill Your Talent Pool
We all have days where it’s hard to get out of bed. For many people, the demands of work and life, in general, can seem overwhelming on a daily basis.

According to The Engaged Workplace, Gallup conducted studies over three years (2017)and learned that fewer than thirty percent of people in the workforce are fully engaged. Forget about springing out of bed; it’s hard to even crawl out of the covers to go do something that has little meaning beyond providing the means to pay the rent. Yet miraculously, some folks, no matter what is going on, find a way to not only get out of bed but indeed do spring out of bed. What do they know (or have) that so many others don’t? The answer is a purpose. The purpose is the key ingredient of a genuinely authentic leader who inspires loyalty. The purpose is also the highest value asset of a sustainable organizational culture. Purpose, when realized, is woven into the fabric of an extraordinary leader and it becomes the unseen, yet the ever-present engine that drives an organization. For a new, emerging company and/or companies who recognize the need for a fresh start, Purpose can be a strategic starting point and an organic attractor of both top talent and customers. In what can appear to be a hyper-competitive environment, there is no greater differentiator than Purpose. For an individual and or a company to thrive in today’s global marketplace, we need to infuse Purpose in all that we do.

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The Most Critical Thing Leaders and Business Owners Need To Understand Is What Drives Human Behavior.

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