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Columbus Day, Celebrating Genocidal Leadership

This Columbus Day are American’s Celebrating Lies and Genocidal Leadership? Authentic Leadership requires that we have transparency….even about national history!  Maybe most especially… Read More

Inc Magazine Top Leadership Speaker

Great Recognition – Inc Magazine Top 100 Great Leadership Speaker!

Posted on December 22nd, 2014 | Posted in business, Leadership, news

Great Recognition – Inc Magazine Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers I am deeply honoured and grateful for the recognition and acknowledgement. One… Read More

Authentic Leadership and other illusions

Authentic Leadership, Are We Fooling Ourselves?

When it comes to Authentic Leadership, Are We Fooling Ourselves?   Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five… Read More

Leadership Empathy and Intelligence

Can Empathy Make Us More Intelligent Leaders? As leaders committed to becoming even better leaders, we have all at one time or… Read More

The Leaders Leader

Nelson Mandela The Leaders Leader!

The world is at war today. This is not a news flash. It’s the way things have been most days since the… Read More

Top 6 Questions Speaker-Leader’s Must Know The Answers To

I could see the fire in Pat’s eyes (not her real name) as she told me that she wanted to help others…. Read More

LuluLemon’s Chip Wilson; a Dick or a Lemon?

Chip a Dick…or did he just have a moment of being a lemon? It’s easy to judge on a single comment… and… Read More

Breaking Bad Leadership:

“Have you been watching it?” You could hear that question in Starbucks, in grocery lines, bars, at the water fountain, everywhere in… Read More

Virgin Airlines

Authentic #Leadership requires a sense of humor

Here’s a question you may not have considered: Do you have enough of a sense of self humor to actually be a… Read More

Developing Authentic Leadership: Hero with a Thousand Faces

When we think of Leadership and Leadership Development, it is rare to think of a leader as a hero, particularly, in contemporary… Read More