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Are There Any REAL LEADERS left?

Are There Any “REAL” Leaders Left? Look, I know you’re obviously smart enough to question what you have been fed by the… Read More

Authentic Leadership Tip: The Power of Empathy

Authentic Leadership Tip: I know you may have the title of leader, however that doesn’t automatically make you one. You must know… Read More

Bullying: Are you Part of The Epidemic

I am happy to see so many people are stepping into a leadership role with regard to posting blogs, teaching seminars and… Read More

The Applied Law of Distraction

Question: Why did Honey Boo Boo get more viewers than the presidential debates…  Are American’s being distracted as our empire crumbles around… Read More

Speaking Skills

Martin Luther King Day…Keeping The Dream Alive

How Come The Are No Leaders  with Real balls/Ovaries Anymore? From the hallway I could hear the muffled sound of the TV… Read More

Generating Fierce Loyalty…Now

Are you a C-Suite exec, a CEO, Business or Organization Leader? Do you have a desire to become an Authentic Leader that… Read More

Who’s Your Family This Christmas?

What’s this Christmas thing all about anyway? Merry Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Solstice, or just feet up having a few bevies… We trust… Read More

Debt, Deficits, Leadership and Loyalty

Flip on the news and you’ll see an announcer saying in a worried tone of voice:  “We are headed for the fiscal… Read More

Good Bye, and Thank You Zig Ziglar

When I started out as a speaker (almost 30 years ago) there were very few famous speakers out there. One of the… Read More

American Leadership: Now On Life Support.

“Why is America Throwing Away Her Place As Leader of The Free World?” “Stand Back…. CLEAR… Cuchump!” “I’m sorry Mr. Lincoln,  we… Read More