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Curiosity: A Powerful Leadership Strategy

Find yourself standing on the edge of the park as the sun breaks through the clouds to light up the face of… Read More

Your Leadership potential; unknown and unknowable!

One of the reason so many organizations are struggling to keep their top talent both loyal and engaged is because of the… Read More

Top 6 Questions Speaker-Leader’s Must Know The Answers To

I could see the fire in Pat’s eyes (not her real name) as she told me that she wanted to help others…. Read More

The Responsibility of Being a Leader

As a mentor to other leaders, I am constantly reminding them that the responsibility of being a Leader is to recognize that… Read More

Leadership: The Pain and Pleasure of it All

Why do some become leaders while others remain followers? One argument says that leaders are “born to lead,” while another claims that… Read More

Virgin Airlines

Authentic #Leadership requires a sense of humor

Here’s a question you may not have considered: Do you have enough of a sense of self humor to actually be a… Read More

A Leaders 7 Step System From Perpetual Failure to Consistent Success.

One of the great challenges you face as a Leader is setting your people up to succeed, especially when you know that… Read More

The Courage to Be Great

Authentic Leadership is about constantly evolving into the next version of yourself, in spite of your desire to stay the same!  … Read More

Developing Leadership Mindset

Developing True Leadership Mindset When Anita stepped in front of her two kids, she could feel her very insides shake. She knew… Read More

Bullying: Are you Part of The Epidemic

Posted on January 30th, 2013 | Posted in Leadership, motivation, personal development, psychology, Relationship, The News

I am happy to see so many people are stepping into a leadership role with regard to posting blogs, teaching seminars and… Read More