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Off with his Head

LuluLemon’s Chip Wilson; a Dick or a Lemon?

Chip a Dick…or did he just have a moment of being a lemon? It’s easy to judge on a single comment… and… Read More

Reality Check: Queen Renuka

Open Letter to Mayor Rob Ford

Of course you are no doubt aware of the whole Toronto Mayor; Rob Ford debacle.  I was about to write an article… Read More

Developing Healthy Conflict

Leaders Are Masters of Conflict

Authentic Leadership Tip: Do you have a fear of conflict? Let me help you out… Get Over It! I don’t if you’ve… Read More

Breaking Bad Leadership

Breaking Bad Leadership:

“Have you been watching it?” You could hear that question in Starbucks, in grocery lines, bars, at the water fountain, everywhere in… Read More

Excited Audience wait for the Authentic Speakers Academy for Leadership grads to take the stage

What Does It Take To Be a Great Speaker Leader?

Picture the moment. It’s early Sunday evening. A lot of people were settled in front of their TV sets for the final… Read More

Sunil quote

Leadership: The Pain and Pleasure of it All

Why do some become leaders while others remain followers? One argument says that leaders are “born to lead,” while another claims that… Read More

Einstein Imagination

The Brain of The New Leader

Breaking News! Scientist Discover Amazing Brain of a Leader In an earlier article, I talked about how hormones affect leadership—the hormones of… Read More

The Angry Leader

Leadership Hormones

Hormones and Leadership I’ll bet you don’t generally think of these two things in the same sentence, but… Leadership and hormones are… Read More

Virgin Airlines

Authentic #Leadership requires a sense of humor

Here’s a question you may not have considered: Do you have enough of a sense of self humor to actually be a… Read More

The Hero's Journey Requires Deep Curiosity

Developing Authentic Leadership: Hero with a Thousand Faces

When we think of Leadership and Leadership Development, it is rare to think of a leader as a hero, particularly, in contemporary… Read More