This Columbus Day are American’s Celebrating Lies and Genocidal Leadership?

Authentic Leadership requires that we have transparency….even about national history!  Maybe most especially on Columbus day

Of course when we are in it, it’s not history because we have no objectivity. But when it has past and all the evidence is in, we must then face the truth.

The second weekend of October every year American’s celebrate Columbus day… However, don’t you think it’s about time we took a an honest look at what we were celebrating?

Just for a moment, come with me as we time travel two hundred years into the future…

Isn’t Columbus day the day we celebrate genocide?

Imagine that we arrive in the country of Germany, it’s a national holiday, a day of celebration. It’s “Hitler day” holiday weekend. A national celebration of the man Adolf Hitler.

The people of the future are celebrating that this man was the forefather of their great nation and of course, no one mentions the genocide that was directed by him and carried out in his name.
Just take a breath, and you can now imagine your own outrage.

So you tell me, how is that different than celebrating Columbus day?

Christopher Columbus, and the men under his command pillaged, and murdered. Columbus was himself was not only a slave trader, he was one of the forefathers of child sex slavery. (Before you get upset with me, thinking that I am pissing on an American holiday I would suggest that you check your history folks)

Columbus, the man we celebrate for “discovering” America, did no such thing.  All he actually discovered was a land and a people he and his men could pillage and dehumanize for commercial gain in the name of religion. Aside from the behaviours stated above they also taxed the native people at an level that was strategically designed to be impossible for the natives to sustain.  The result of failing to pay these taxes resulted in hands of the delinquent natives being chopped off and those who hand their hands dismembered were forced to wear them around their neck.

Again I want to reiterate that all this was done in the name of religion (Christianity). This kind of behaviour sounds like ISIS to me. Now of course you could argue that this was centuries ago and that we have evolved so much since then. Well, I would challenge you to take a look at what Christians are doing to the Gay community in Africa.

You may also want to take a look at this article regarding having this day to celebrate Indigenous people: 

Columbus Day...A day we celebrate Rape, Murder, and pilage

Columbus Day…A day we celebrate Rape, Murder, and pilage

That being said; human beings are masterful at justifying absolutely anything. Everyone of us can think back with at least a little shame about something we have participated in (or actively or passively supported) that we now recognize as wrong, unjust or even cruel.

I have spoken of this before, but when I was a kid, one of the things I loved about American’s was that they spoke out.

They stood up against injustice. I saw the American people as truth tellers. I realize that may have been my own personal illusion. However, I still believe that if a country and it’s people are going to be great we must be just that: Truth tellers.

So here’s my question to you: Why do so many American’s (and particularly American leaders) feel that it’s un-American to speak the truth, particularly about American history?

Below I am sharing a video with you from a great historian Howard Zinn who passed away in 2010.

Please watch this short video and tell me: Do you think it’s un-American to speak the truth about American history?


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