Storytelling: The Master Engagement Strategy!

As Leaders we like to think that our people want the facts. well even though they do, they can get more facts than they can ever consume from google.  The truth is, what your listener really wants is for you to emotionally engage them.

Maya Angelou Storytelling

Storytelling a Master skill for engagement

Universally speaking, no matter what culture we are in, or what part of history, when someone begins to share a story (as opposed to just facts) the attention of your audience is immediately transformed.  They can go from seemingly uninterested to sitting upright, eyes wide and all ears. That being said, the “story” must of course, have relevance to your audience and the subject at hand. 

Before we go any further I want to set something straight, it’s at least as important and extremely rare to tell the story well.  How you tell the story will determine the level of  continued engagement. When we hear a story, we give the storyteller our attention, but it’s the storytellers responsibility to keep that attention. This is why Authentic Leadership requires not just transparency, but genuine vulnerability. 

Why, as a leader should stories and the art of storytelling matter so much to you?

Simply put they generate an emotional response in the listener.  Just as importantly stories create a neurological and biological response in the listener that make you as the storyteller extremely persuasive.  Furthermore, stories are a foundational element in creating a fiercely loyal following.  

You know as well as I do that “story” is a hot subject these days, but please do not tell stories for the sake of telling stories.

Far to many speaker deliver boring, over rehearsed and emotionally disconnected stories. Do what it takes to become an emotionally masterful at storytelling.  If you actually want to know how, reach out to me and I’ll assist you having your audience on the edge of their seat. Or go over to

Another very important factor of story is understanding that the strongest brands are built on stories. The brands that stand out and that are most likely to last are the ones who know how to use story to create an emotional response in the viewer/listener.

Below is one of the best examples I have seem of masterful brand storytelling.

After watching, tell us how you are using story as a personal and or professional brand builder.

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