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Dov Baron hanging with the Big Guy…Bloomberg TV’s C-Suite Host Jeffrey Hayzlett

C-Suite Leadership Gladiators at Jeffery Hayzlett’s C-Suite Network Event in Dallas…

A bright sunny day outside, and yet the Fairmont’s grand ballroom was filled with 350+ Leaders. These are leaders playing at the top of their game. Leaders who have consciously chosen pumped in air, and artificial light so that they can bask in the resonance of power, influence and leadership development that fills this room.

like bugs of a burning mattress, we pile out of the dimly lit ballroom and into the brightly lit foyer. There the aroma of coffee fills the air almost as strongly as that of steaming ambition.

Emerging from the semi-silence of learning many of these leaders consciously or unconsciously become aware that they are out of their daily leadership spotlight.  Some find themselves thrust into an automatic persona.

Without even knowing it, some go on automatic:  Sharing achievements and accolades with another  equally powerful CEO, CFO, or C-something-O, who isn’t really listening, but rather doing their best to wait to do the very same thing.

However, as I watched, listened, and interacted…I discovered something profound: Those people are the minority!

Yes, their was ego, (then again I’ve been to “spiritual conferences” and there’s plenty off ego there too)

However, for the most part these C-Suite  leaders are NOT evil corporate drones looking to consume the planets resources and turn the working wo/man into  minimum wage slaves.

Yes, these folks are ambitious, and initially maybe even a little emotionally distant.  However, when you sit with them as I did,  and open yourself up, they do the same.

Woman C-Suite Gladiator!

Woman Gladiator!

Male C-Suite Gladiator


 These C-Suite Women and Men are Gladiators!


Yes they are initially guarded and ready for battle; because as gladiators that’s what they know how to do.

However, take a little time, wait for the guard to come down and you will discover that underneath the corporate armour beats a heart just as caring as yours and mine.

Unfortunately the media loves to use the great paintbrush of generalities. It’s that same brush that has painted all Republicans as living in a bubble, all Democrats as tree huggers.  All Millennials as entitled brats. It’s that same brush has painted the folks at the top of corporate America as a bunch of ruthless bastards. While in truth: All generalities are lies!

Just take a moment to consider this: These C-Suiters (Baby Boomers & GenX  leaders) were trained and indoctrinated by their predecessors. In turn they have shared a false wisdom with the next generation.  This false wisdom says; winning at all cost makes you a real leaders and  that vulnerability is weakness.

The sad truth about humanity is that when a lie is repeatedly told (particularly by a person or persons of authority), eventually that lie is taken on as a truth. Nonetheless, it remains a lie!

Yet, as I listened to them and I heard the distant echo of hearts and souls that do indeed want even greater levels of success. However, they more deeply desire joy, fulfillment and the ability to make a difference that will out live them.

Know this: There will always be outliers, those who play in that world but refuse to believe the rhetoric and propaganda.  I was honoured to meet many of them at Jeffery Hayzlett’s C-Suite Network Event…

These are the Gladiators!

Jeffrey Hayzlett C-Suite

C-Suite Network Conference

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