Reality Check: Queen Renuka

Reality Check: Queen Renuka

Of course you are no doubt aware of the whole Toronto Mayor; Rob Ford debacle.  I was about to write an article about Ford, his behavior, and what it says about leadership when I was asked by someone I highly respect whether I would be willing to have her be a guest blogger and address the situation.  I said yes, and below is an open letter to Ford from “Queen Renuka” that I loved, I think you will too.  (Her blog will be premiering very soon…so stay tuned.)

Off with His Crackhead

Dear Mayor Ford:

For 6 months, you have been doing more than your share of putting Toronto on the map, headlining newspaper, radio, TV, and internet news stories, and increasingly become the mother butt of jokes from ALL the late night pundits.

Lindsey Lohan can use staying in the media eye excuse. As a professional officer of the government, you don’t get that all publicity is good pass. Is this the legacy you want to leave?

Mayor Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford

Don’t get me wrong, you aren’t the first or the last politician that has and will try to get away with breaking laws. Somewhere, somehow, some elected officials like you have embraced using your position to abuse the people who elected you.

You were voted into office in 2010 by folks who mostly likely believed you were better than your opponent. I’m assuming that these same folks believed the promises you made to improve the city, etc.

Because you accepted the position to lead, I hope you at least contemplated that you would need to set aside indulgences of any kind while serving. But no, Mr. Mayor, you lurk in the dark, pick pocketing opportunities.

Since May 2013 there has been video evidence of you cavorting with criminals, throwing enough back to get into drunken stupors, which then apparently inspires you to light up the crack pipe.  Oh yeah, another thing, you also text and read the paper…while driving. Aside from the multitasking while driving, to tell you the truth, I would have no problem with your choices and actions…if the people of Toronto weren’t financing them.

You wanted to be a leader of the largest city in Canada. Where is the leadership? You have become a lying, stealing, yes a thief, jack ass. Every day you continue to stay in office, you are robbing the people of their hard earned money for your paycheck.

Canada's Largest City: Toronto

Canada’s Largest City: Toronto

Why don’t you even have the balls to be accountable and willingly leave. You insist on holding on at least until Oct 2014. What the hell? How much are you going to cost the people of Toronto? If you were an employee with a regular job, you would have been fired.

If you left now, this would give you the freedom to drink, smoke, snort, and whatever else you probably are doing already but haven’t been caught, without being under the microscope and using the Mayor’s office to foot the bill.

I don’t understand why you haven’t been axed. I doubt it’s because there isn’t someone substantially better to take your place.

You are an embarrassment to a Mayor’s title, a disgrace to the city of Toronto, and a humiliation to any Canadians who give a shit about demanding leadership from the people we elect and pay.

Why do we, the people, continue to put up bullshit from politicians behaving badly, breaking multiple laws, denying they’ve done, then due to overwhelming evidence sort of admit it, but insist on staying in office. Come on…what the fuck is that?

This post Brought to you by:

This post Brought to you by:

Rob Ford you have failed Toronto and shamed yourself.  Like the great Larry Winget said: “Grow a pair” and exit quickly. Don’t you have any codes of conduct? Don’t you have any principles to guide your choices? Do the right thing. Be a man!

Flushing out the shit one blog post at a time,

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