One of the great challenges you face as a Leader is setting your people up to succeed, especially when you know that all too often the people in your team are failing.

Set up for Success

Set up for Success

Come on, I know we’d like to push the blame off on someone else… However, I believe the issue always falls back on leadership.  For that reason I want to give you a simple 7 step system for moving yourself and your team from perpetual failure to consistent success.

How many times have you heard someone you know say: (insert whinny voice here) “I’d like to… but”, “I want to”, “I’m Gunna”, “I’ll try”? These are all language patterns that set you put you up for failure.

If you want consistent success you must…

  • First: Decide (root word dēcīsiō literally, a cutting off), meaning that there is no other option.
  • Second: Find a Guide, a Coach or preferably a Mentor (yes there is a difference) Someone who can not only guide you, but more importantly someone who can and will hold your feet to the fire if you are going off track.
  • Third: Set time lines and measure results. This way you can see if you are getting progress and what’s more if what you were getting results with is still giving you results you desire. (tweak rather than change tracks)
  • Forth: Be consistent! One of the greatest failing of our society is the desire for instant gratification…So be consistent and be patient, there is no such thing as an over night success.
  • Fifth: Environment! Put yourself in an environment that supports you reaching your goals. To often people fail because the people they surround themselves with don’t get “it” (whatever it is you are going for)
  • Sixth: Embrace failure, understand that failure is nothing more than feedback as to how Not to do it.
  • Seventh: Celebrate every little success along the way! We are societally trained to play our success’ down.  However, you get more of whatever you reinforce. So reenforce every little success.

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