As most of my regular readers know, in early 2012 I announced that I am retiring from the public seminar business during 2013.  As I have stated in other articles, I am leaving for many reasons, not least of which is to focus on my Full Monty Leadership and Corporate Cultural Momentum work with large organizations.

Leadership: A NO wimp Zone!

But that’s not the only reason.

One of the major reasons I’m leaving is that I feel a pull to speak out and do something about the appalling state of leadership in our world today, (in all categories). And make no mistake…

Leadership in our world is in an appalling state at the moment.

That’s why from here on in, you may find my posts to be a little more edgy, certainly more opinionated, and rarely politically correct!

That being said, I would have you note that I am NOT a hater.

I am a believer!

I believe in the power of the individual in their own life. I believe that when we come together with a common vision or mission, we can change the world.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Mead

Let me explain.

As a boy lying on my belly atop of the shag pile carpet in my mother’s living room, I would watch hours of documentaries and news on TV and marvel at the images of this far off and great country called America.

I was glued to the TV watching the news showing scenes of university sit-ins and protest marches.

I was inspired by stories of everyday people who could raise themselves up from absolute poverty to abundant wealth and power.

Leaders Who Inspired Us

The deeply inspiring speeches of JFK’s “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You…” and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” showed me that “something bigger and better” was possible.

As a fourteen-year-old boy who had just moved from the urban ghetto of the Bullrings of Hulme in Manchester to Cheetham Hill, a place on the edge of middle classdom, I began to feel something bigger.

I began to believe that something better was possible

As I lay there on my elbows, my mother entered the room and I immediately looked up at her and told her: “I’m going to live there!” She asked “Where?” and with unwavering certainty I stated, “America!”

Born in Briton, I knew my own country was (and maybe still is) a country separated by class identification. Where you were born and what school both you and your father went to could determined your life’s path in a single sentence. America to me was the land of the free, a place where it didn’t matter what class you were born into.

In America, you were entitled to your opinion and you could claim a space to share it…After all it WAS Article 1 in the Bill of Rights.

ARTICLE I of the Bill of Rights

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Americans and everyone else…

I put it to you that one of the foundational traits of an Authentic Full Monty Leader is their ability to actively listen.

I would also go so far as to say that when a “leader” stops listening or,  for that matter, finds a way to gag those he or she is supposed to be leading, this is no longer anything resembling what American Leadership was built on.

What’s more, if indeed the US is a world leader, then it stands to reason that other countries will follow that lead.

Which brings me to something that is sincerely unnerving!

Freedom of Speech… NOT!

On Friday, July 6 , 2012 US President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security. (Yes I know this is “old news” however, I have come to realize for the most part many people have absolutely no idea this is happening)

President Obama released his latest Executive Order , a 2,205-word statement offered as the “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.”

In explaining the order, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) writes that the president has authorized the Department of Homeland Security “the authority to seize private facilities when necessary, effectively shutting down or limiting civilian communications.” Suggesting that the president has indeed effectively just allowed himself to control the country’s Internet access!

THIS is Authentic Full Monty Leadership?

I think not! Effectively isn’t this the bill that will gag The Bill of Right?

So let me take this moment to address President Obama directly:

Mister President,

On the day you were elected people openly wept, not just because a man of color had taken up residence in the White House, but because genuine hope had returned to America after what had seemed like the madness of the last administration.

For so many Americans, the vision, hope and mission of JFK and MLK had somehow found its way home.

Now, with this and many other Executive Orders and congressional laws passed during your administration, the foreboding cloud of the Patriot Act has cast a dark shadow in the valley of hope.

So I ask…

Were you always this guy? Nothing more than an eloquently spoken George W Bush?

Or does the man who breathed the hope of change back into America still have enough hope left in his own message to return to becoming the man, the president, we hoped for?

I and I would suggest the American people want to know: Do you have what it takes to be n Authentic leader, President Obama?

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