Are There Any “REAL” Leaders Left?

Look, I know you’re obviously smart enough to question what you have been fed by the media and social propaganda because you are reading this…

You Are Now Entering The No B.S. Zone!

So let me repeat my question:  Are there any REAL Leaders left?

Before I answer, I have to ask another question: Do you want to hear the absolute truth?  

I’m talking about the raw truth and definitely Not some buttered up, make it sound better than it is bunch of B.S.  What I’m talking about  is just you and me, sitting across the table from each other speaking our truth.

(A word of caution…. What you are about to read will likely piss some people off. Maybe even you!)

If you are ready to hear the absolute truth then I’m here to tell you that…

There are no REAL Leaders anymore.

Don’t believe me? Take a look around.

You and I both know that leadership in its present form is a about as effective as a Jell-O© bullet.

The problem is, we’ve been trained to believe someone is a leader because of position, title or accumulation of goodies, and it’s about time we realized; that’s not “real” leadership.

So let’s boil leadership down to its core…  

 You are a leader if you have people who have consciously decided to follow you.

Note that I said consciously. That means they aren’t following you because they have to, they’re supposed to, or for any other reason than you, their leader, are the example of the way they want to be!

So let’s take a look at some so-called leaders we have today.

Profit without ethics

Many “leaders” in the business world have ripped off their employees, their investors and just about anyone who they could talk into parting with their money.

Now of course that’s not true of all business leaders, but those who aren’t rip-off artists are struggling to do anything that even resembles real leadership. They struggle to hold a vision, a mission, and a healthy corporate culture together, let alone a profit. So many tug their forelock with a “Yes sir, profit at any cost” mentality.

You, me, our kids, and our environment keep paying the price of companies who don’t give a rats “you know what” about anything other than profit, because profit seems to have a much higher priority over ethics. And for so many of these clowns social responsibility has become little more than another marketing ploy.

Then there are the so-called leaders in religion who are for the most part no better. Many of them are busy telling everyone who will listen that their followers are better than everyone else. The religious leaders insist that their God and their rules are better, and more civilized than the God and rules of other religions. Therefore, anyone of another faith is just not as good.

We’re good you’re bad

They tell us that anyone who doesn’t follow their rules is going to hell in a hand basket for not having accepted “the right” way.

Come on people, is that how the person who started your faith would have behaved? I think not! Actually, I think that if the originator of your faith returned, s/he might be quite pissed off at all the blame and judgment done in his or her name.

Is it just me or, haven’t we done this before? You know the saying: Those who refuse to examine history are destined to repeat it!

 And while we’re at it, let’s not ignore the half-assed version of political leadership we are supposed to choose from. These folks are so busy telling us their opposition is wrong that they would rather watch the countries economy get flushed down the crapper than actually act like leaders and find a way to come together for the common good.

You and I both know that for the most part, politicians are nothing more than a bunch of ego-driven, overly ambitious, lying monkeys wearing patriotic colors.

They are willing to put our country at war with other countries, but they will not put on the uniform and stand on the front line.

Money and politics a bad marriage

Plus, these guys and gals change their minds and policies more often than their underwear (depending on what wealthy individual or corporation has bought their latest opinion).

While we are at it I’m deeply saddened to say; even the so-called leaders in my own industry of personal and professional development are sadly lacking.

Hello…we are supposed to be the example! We are supposed to be leading the way in shaping people’s minds! Instead what the personal development industry offers is so often little more than snake oil salesmen and women.  (Okay, so my secret is out. This is one of the reasons I am leaving the public seminar business. I do not want my reputation in discussed in the same breath as some of these douchey individuals)

So what it all comes down to is this…

You and I both know there are NO REAL Leaders left!

I have to admit, until recently I was quite puzzled as to why this should be, when suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks.

In a time where “reality TV” isn’t actually “real” but scripted down to the last sneeze, it becomes obvious that for so many of the leaders today in all of those areas I’ve talked about  and many more Not mentioned here, being Real and Authentic and being a leader are NOT part of the same sentence.

It’s the reason I completely shifted gears, There are no “real” leaders left, so I am creating them!

This is of course where I have got to put my money where my mouth is…

This means I have got to be willing to totally show up, be real and become nakedly authentically and share whatever is in front of me.

Is this difficult? You bet it is.
Full Monty, Authentic Leadership is NOT easy! But you know what? Gandhi (now that was a real leader) was absolutely right: We must be the change we want to see.

I’ll admit that I’m not there yet. Maybe I’ll never get there, but I will never stop striving towards greater transparency as a leader and greater authenticity in all that I do.

My question to you is:

Do you have the “balls/ovaries” to be a real leader,
a Full Monty Leader ?

If you would like to hear me outline more of what it takes to be an Authentic Leader go over to this episode of Dov Baron’s Full Monty Leadership Show

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