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Faisal _Big Dog Khattak The Anti Bullying Guy

I am happy to see so many people are stepping into a leadership role with regard to posting blogs, teaching seminars and generally raising awareness about the implications of our children being bullied or becoming bully’s…

Last night I had the honour of introducing my friend and protege Faisal Khattak-Big Dög as he was speaking on the very important subject of Bullying…

Faisal openly shared his own shocking and painful story of being a 5 year old boy who was raped and continuously bullied while at school. Faisal went on to explain that for him, and for most kids who are either bullied or become bullies; bullying starts at home.

Faisal went on to challenge us all to take a look at how we may be either consciously or unconsciously setting our kids up to be bullies or to get bullied. He gave us some rock solid tools and skills that everyone could take home and help their kids right away with.

He went on to share with us why he believes Bullying is now at an an epidemic level and what you can do to Bully Proof your child right away. I think he even shocked some folks when he shared what it is that turns a kid into a bully.

If you haven’t checked out Faisal’s material yet…Get on it!
Here’s the link and I’ll see you there:

That being said: May I suggest that we all take a look at the bigger picture around bullying.

Maybe you yourself have experienced what it feels like to be bullied, not just as a child but even as an adult…

Imagine for a moment that you overheard someone speaking about you, or something you supposedly did.  You know for sure that this person does not really know you, they certainly do not know your circumstances or the true nature of your character.

Nonetheless, here they are using their words to to attack you, your character, or your physicality. In that moment, don’t you feel bullied?

Let’s face it a bully exerts power over someone who feels powerless to do anything about it!

Whether directly or indirectly our words can be used to bully and damage another.

“Sticks and stones can break our bones but gossip really wounds us!” ~Dõv Baron

You know as well as I do that at it’s core bullying  is a process that chips away at the self worth of another, until they feel ashamed and not good enough.

Doing this we dehumanize another and we treat the person being bullied as if they have no soul. In so doing we have moved away from our own true compassionate nature and into soulless behaviour.


When someone who does not truly know you speaks poorly of you or your situation, we call it “harmless gossip”. What I am suggesting is that in order to raise our own awareness as leaders of our families a

nd our communities we need to call it by it true name: bullying! I myself, I am ashamed to say have been guilty of this and I urge you to also consider raising your own awareness around this kind of behaviour.

Let’s remember that everyone from the homeless to the most famous celebrity have a soul. Despite what we hear or are told, let’s remember that we do not ever fully know who someone is or why they did a certain thing at a certain time.

Every time we gossip or add to the gossip about someone we do not personally know, (IE a celebrity) we are in fact bullying…

Isn’t NOW the time to step up to the next level of behavioural awareness? To be a leader who has the courage to NOT do what seems okay, but rather, step into excellence?

I trust that you found this valuable, if so feel free to send this to your friends. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments. Please “like,” “share”, and comment below!

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