Question: Why did Honey Boo Boo get more viewers than the presidential debates…  Are American’s being distracted as our empire crumbles around our ears?

We as leaders in our own families, communities and companies are required to stay informed. We must push ourselves not just to learn, but to learn behind the information we are being given.

In an upcoming episode of  Dõv Baron’s Full Monty leadership Show we are going to do just that.

Be warned: This is going to be an edgy and opinionated show after which you may never tune in again… or You will immediately Go and Tell Everyone You know to Start Listening….

What's getting our media time?

We are going to look at leadership not just on a corporate level but rather looking into how leadership or rather the lack thereof is having such a destructive impact on the world we live in, and the current affairs of the day.

We’ll look at why Michelle Obama’s new hairdo got more attention than the fact that the president used a never before used word in his inaugural speech when he spoke about embracing our Gay brothers and sisters.

We will examine why the people of the US live in a state of perpetual war and the psychological value of making sure we have a common enemy.

We will look at the amount of children abducted every year in the US and the radical solution to that problem that may threaten not only our civil rights, our constitutional rights but also our basic freedoms.

We will talk about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and the impact on the Afghani and Iraqi people. And how the majority of soldier feel about the war upon their return. We will question the ethics of drone warfare and it effectiveness.

I even tell you why the media are so focused on the fact that President Bill Clinton was checking out Kelly Clarkson ass.

This is just a small sampling of where this very edgy and I believe enlightening show will go.

Like I said: Tune in, have your pen and paper handy… hold on to your seat this is going to be a wild and edgy ride.

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Why? Because you are a leader!

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