Don't Believe The Hype it's a Sequel!

Flip on the news and you’ll see an announcer saying in a worried tone of voice:  “We are headed for the fiscal cliff.  We could soon be in a double-dip recession!”  Images of people running and screaming as if being chased by Godzilla flash on the screen.

You can feel your chest start to tighten and you begin to wonder, if not go into a full blow anxiety attack, about what is going to happen if we do go over that cliff.

Don’t believe the hype! It’s a sequel!

It’s all scare tactics and although it’s incredibly important to not allow yourself to be force-fed by the media’s negative hype, you also can’t afford to play ignorant.

So let me see if I can assist you in putting the whole thing in perspective.

First off, what’s the difference between the National Debt and the Deficits?

The deficit is the difference between the money the Government takes in, called receipts, versus what the Government spends.

National Debt is the sum of the accumulated deficits.

The Government has been spending a lot more money than it takes in for years, so now the National Debt is so far out of reach that there is no end in sight.

Now let me be clear on this.  If you ran a business the way both parties have run the US for the last forty or so years, you would be in jail.  And yes, I did say forty plus years.

The economic situation in the US is not because President Obama is behaving like a socialist, (Do your research folks.  He doesn’t even come close to being a socialist.)

This is not even a George W Bush mess that was left for Obama to clean up.

Nope, it goes back much further than that.  Bill Clinton did his part as well.  Yes, the beloved President Bill Clinton whom we hold up as generating a massive boom time for the US helped create this mess by repealing the Glass–Steagall law.  This was a law that governed the banks and stopped them doing many of the things they did to create the economic bubble.

Many economic experts have stated that repealing the Glass–Steagall Act and its affiliation restrictions was an important cause of the recession we are still recovering from.

And despite some people choosing amnesia, Regan’s trickledown economics was a middle class and working class farce.

Before all that, Nixon removed the Gold Standard on the dollar, which, over time, has resulted in your money literally not being worth the paper it is printed on. 

You can see multi administration cluster fu*k! You may ask: Where is the real, the authentic leadership?

truth be told, politicians jump on and off bandwagons more often than they change their underwear.  Take a look at Mitt Romney: He started out as a moderate, then became an extreme conservative and by the time he was in the presidential debates he was back being a moderate.  During the campaign, Republicans talked about Romney as if he was the Second Coming, then after he lost, they scattered like bugs off a burning mattress.

There hasn’t been authentic leadership in the US for a very long time, and as a result, there is no real loyalty!

Not in the parties, not in the leadership and increasingly so not even among party members. I believe American’s are sick of parties that fight about who’s right.

It’s time to stop being Republican, Democrat or anything else and go back to being American!

Bottom line: You cannot build Fierce Loyalty without Authentic Leadership!

I hope this has cleared up a bit of the finger pointing.

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