“Why is America Throwing Away Her Place As Leader of The Free World?”

America On Life Support

“Stand Back…. CLEAR… Cuchump!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Lincoln,  we were not able to revive your offspring”

Maybe it’s not dead… However, Once the undisputed “king of the world,” American leadership is now on life support, (with little hope of full recovery). We must all ask: What can be done to resurrect our role as the world’s top leader?

Ever since that day when I walked into my boyhood home in Great Britain on April 4, 1968, to find my mother crying in front of the television set, I have been in one way or another, fascinated by leadership. And I have always admired the United States as the most fertile ground for nurturing true and courageous leaders.

That fateful day was the day on which one of the true leaders who I continues to hold in extremely high esteem, namely Martin Luther King, Jr, was assassinated, leaving a void in the minds and hearts of so many people throughout the USA and the world.

On that day, as a boy, who would later become one of the foremost global experts on Authentic Leadership wondered how it was that a man could have such an impact on someone who had never seen him and who lived so far away, and who was not personally touched by his work.

It was this that question that pulled me on a lifelong quest to learn, understand and then teach the art and science of Effective Authentic Leadership.

Today, as a recognized authority on High Performance  Leadership, I often grieve the seeming lack of resolve among today’s leaders.

From my perspective it seems: Often a leader will appear on the scene spouting a clear and even a practical vision, only to succumb to the pull of mediocrity and the flip-flopping begins.

I believe, this failure has its roots in a celebrity mentality.  An ever increasing desire to be accepted and admired in the short term rather than continue with the vision and plans for successful leadership. I’m sorry to say, oftentimes, today’s leaders seem to be little more than approval junkies!

That being said, the responsibility lies with us!  You see, I have to question the resolve of people who have chosen a leader based on the leader’s clear vision, only to later reject that very vision when it turns out to be less attractive than some short term gain or pleasure, and how this rejection weakens the leader’s resolve and distorts his /her vision.

Look I know I’ve said it before. However, in today’s complex and volatile world, it seems as if there are no real leaders left.  

We need leaders in every corner of life. Leaders who are authentic and committed, remaining steadfast to a vision of real change, and are willing to follow it through despite the pull to the mediocrity of popular opinion.

As strange as it might seem, it may be worth considering that when leadership becomes driven by political ends then that “leadership” it has lost its essence,  which is to serve.

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