Stop Making Excuses

We rarely recognize Value until it’s gone…

Do NOT wait until it’s too late!

Dear Friend,

It’s easy to be cynical… and tell yourself that opportunities just don’t show up for you.

But is that true? Do you just refuse to notice, even when a golden opportunity is standing there waving like a crazy person desperately trying to get your attention?

Come on.  When you really stop and think about it, much of the time opportunities are presented to us but  we brush them off with what we call “valid reasons”. These so-called valid reasons are, in fact, self-convincing excuses to stay stuck.

What’s really sad is when we realize this only after it’s too late and then we deeply regret that we missing out on the very thing we need most.

Research shows that 75% of people name their biggest regrets in life as the things they did NOT do, not the things they did.

“ The seized opportunity renders joy. The neglected brings regret.” -Max Lucado

One day you may wake up and wonder how you got to be where you are in contrast to where you wanted to be. The answer will be simple: Excuses!

The price of keeping your excuses maybe YOUR OWN LIFE…

Time is running out! It’s time to get off the fence and claim your life…

You will never be a leader while you cling to excuses!

I recently took the time to handpick certain people to gift a number of VIP (90% discount) tickets to the final Claim Your Competitive Edge event. I chose them (You may have been one of them)  because I know that you are dedicated to your own growth and development and your commitment to being a leader by example.

As someone committed to leading by example, I feel certain that you will NOW want to make sure that your friends, family and co-workers have this final opportunity to break through what holds them back in order to let them live their very best life.

I trust that you will be okay with this, because I am going to be completely transparent.  I want to share with you here something that very few people on this planet know…

Often times I have left a Claim Your Competitive Edge event and gone home and cried… (There you have it. My secret is out.)

Why you may ask. It’s because I and the people who have attended our events know the power of the transformation that happens for those who attend, and yet so many do not have the courage to put their excuses away and reach out and claim the life, the success, the wealth, the relationships and the health they say they desire and that we will make available to them.

Please stop doing that to yourself!

I am always saddened by the fact that so many give up on their dreams because they may be disapproved of by others.

We trade Authenticity for Approval  and We’re Surprised When in The Quiet Moments We Realize We Have Been Living a Life That Is Not Our Own.

With the final Claim Your Competitive Edge being less than two weeks away and many people are coming in from around the world to attend, I want to make sure that your VIP guests get registered before we close the doors once and for all.

This is why I urge you to put those VIP ticks in the hands of those that you care about. 

That being said, PLEASE NOTE: For your VIP guests to take advantage of this offer they MUST use the website and Code On Your Ticket. This offer is NOT available by calling our offices.

This event is going to blast everyone in attendance through whatever it is that holds them back. It will be 3 full life changing days.

Unfortunately we rarely recognize Value until it’s gone…

Do NOT wait till it’s too late!

I look forward to seeing you again and meeting all your wonderful friends and family as we say goodbye to Claim Your Competitive Edge Event.

I anticipate sharing this journey with you…

I look forward to sharing this journey with you…

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With gratitude,

 P.S. The event is less than two weeks away and we cannot guarantee seats to those who wait.

P.P.S. You and your VIP’s MUST use the website and Code On Your Ticket as this offer is NOT available by calling our offices.