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Is The American Dream Creating the Ecological Crisis?

The U.S. is experiencing its second warmest winter in recorded history… but it’s not just the U.S. The rest of the world has been experiencing  more extreme weather conditions as well.

Consider for a moment that the forests that give you, me, and our planet breathable air are disappearing at an estimated rate of 36 football field per minute. The Pacific Ocean pollution from what’s known as “Garbage Island“, a floating island of plastic estimated to be twice the size of Texas,  is killing ocean life through plastic and chemical reactions.

Look, I know that you and I recycle, and maybe even compose, but are we really making any significant difference?

The question becomes:

Is our pursuit of The American Dream Creating the Ecological Crisis

Have we failed to notice the connection between capitalism and the ecological crisis?

Let’s face it, we all know that for most folks, the more we make, the more we spend. However, when we spend our next level of wealth on consumer goods, we are, in fact, adding to the massive problems we are seeing with the ecology of the planet, not least of which is climate change.

So is it time for a radical change?

By that I mean a change that many Americans may even see as anti-American?

Chris Williams – Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis

Professor Chris Wilson in his latest book Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis, offers what many would consider a rather radical solution to dealing with what he and so many others believe is nothing short of an ecological disaster.

In the February 9th 2012 episode of the new and improved Accidental Guru Radio Show, I  (Dov Baron) will challenge professor Wilson to show us what it will really take to turn this ecological crisis around.

We will take a look at whether President Obama came through on any of his presidential promises regarding climate change. We’ll discuss the question “Is  party policy around everything, but particularly the environment, is set by the elected officials we the people put there or are are policies actually set by big corporations who are somehow the puppeteers of the Senate, Congress and even the White House? We’ll even look at  the impact or impotence of “the occupy movement.”

Make sure you tune in Thursdays @ 10:00 AM (PT) 1:00 PM (EST)

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