In the moments before I could feel the intensity building…

A fresh serving of excitement with a small side of anxiety was about to be chewed up and turned into something magnificent! … The music got louder and he hit the stage with a single intention…To Serve!

Chris Jimenez… Here to serve

On September 9th, 2011 Chris Jimenez hit the stage for the first time as MC for the Baron Mastery event “Claim Your Competitive Edge”.  Chris had quite nervously joined the Baron Mastery Speaker-Leadership training earlier that year. When Chris had started in the training he had struggled to get his head out of the way in order to have his wonderful warm heart to speak to his audience.

That being said he was not alone… Less than a month before, Chris with a number of others from the training had auditioned for this honorable opportunity, and it was close. The three runners up were Deb Cummings, Claudette Brouchard, and Trish Leptick. All had done a spectacular job, however, Chris took the prize.  This was in no way a downgrade for the runners up, you see each of them would be given the rare gift of presenting on the Baron Mastery stage at Claim Your Competitive Edge.

None of them had ever been on a platform speaking in front of an audience of this magnitude before. Each one of them had there own particular recipe for excitement and anxiety. Each one of them was able to move past the obstacles before them by holding to the central principle taught throughout our Speaker-Leadership TrainingYou are here to serve!

From the moment Chris began to speak the audience was both entertained and inspired. However, among other fabulous messages shared he shared there were a couple of moments where excitement became something far deeper, a heart and soul connection. The eyes of women and men alike filled as his words reached out like a gentle hand of compassion to a hungry child.

Chris spoke of  a surprise Christmas gift, a gift not available even in the most exclusive store. What he shared was not a story about tinsel, Christmas lights or any kind of fabulous designer gifts. This was a story of something far more valuable than any price tag.

As we all sat on the edge of our seats, Chris shared the impact of being a member of the Baron Mastery CORE affluence programs and the value it had brought to his life.  He spoke of being in the best shape of his life, having vastly increased his financial flow and now having more availability to his wife and children.  And then he began to speak of  the profound healing he had not even known he had needed when he entered the program.

Last Christmas Chris took his wife and children and they traveled down to California to be with his father and his fathers family. This is something Chris had done many times and as much as it was a good thing to do, there was always something missing. You see his dad had left the family when Chris was just a little boy. And as so often the case, incomplete memories and the opinions of others become a reality that chokes out the complete truth. Without knowing it this had left both men missing something neither had been able to articulate, and it had remained a secret yearning.

From the moment Chris engaged in being a CORE Affluence Member he became dedicated to his inner journey, because he immediately saw the value this system brought to his life….

Last Christmas, Chris stood face to face with his father, and even though he had done so many times, this time was different…this time he could see this man for the truth of who he is.

This time they were not just eye-to-eye, somehow they were heart-to-heart too. Whats more for the first time he felt his father seeing him for the man he is.  As the two embraced, a miracle took place, for the first time ever their armor cracked and suddenly two men who had deeply missed each other let love between them run freely.

The dam of resentment finally crumbled under the awesome force of something far more powerful; deep compassion. In that moment these two men gifted each other a transformative experience of love. For the first time ever Chris knew with every fiber of his being that his father loved and respected him… Neither man will ever be the same.

I will tell you more about this amazing, life changing event called Claim Your Competitive Edge in upcoming posts.

Come to the edge, let’s fly!

Claim Your Competitive Edge

Stay Curious my friend, stay curious and live with courage,

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