Freedom or Slavery, which would you choose?

You’re probably thinking that I’m an idiot for even asking. Maybe for you the answer, at least superficially, is obvious….Well maybe the answer is not as obvious as you would think.

I would put it to you that in order to be truly happy we must be truly free. However, what is freedom?

Here we are in the twenty first century and it is evident ( at least to me), how many people living in first world, democratic nations are living as slaves.

No, I’m not taking about slavery in the way we envision it in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. Nor am I addressing a conspiracy theories of dark overlords pulling political strings and subversively running a big-brother system. It would be easy to see it that way because a person could say it’s something they have no control over.

What I’m talking about is far more consensual and submissive

Slavery is not necessarily got anything to do with chains around the ankles. Slavery is mostly about the chains of the mind.

It’s easy to assume that no one wants to be a slave. But is that really true?

When you think about it; many would say that there certain advantages to being a slave.

As a Slave:

  • You are ruled by some version of “fear of loss”, so you never let yourself have anything you could lose

  • As a slave: You don’t have to concern yourself with what to do, because as a slave you know that is someone else’s job, and not yours.

  • Therefore you do only what is required of by your master.

  • As a slave: You don’t have to push yourself to succeed because you already know there’s no place to go

  • As a result; your basic survival needs are taken care of.

  • As a slave: You don’t have to let down your guard and trust others because slaves live in “fear of loss”

  • As a slave: You get to blame others for your problems

  • As a slave: You get to whine about your situation while while claiming that you are impotent to change it.

  • As a slave: You get to hold resentment, which supports you not trusting

  • As a slave: You get to stay in victim mode, which justifies you not having or following your dreams.

As you can see: Slavery has its own set of advantages.

Like I said to be truly happy we need to be free. However, being free requires a considerable amount of mental, emotional, and even spiritually work and responsibility.

To become free we must dig a tunnel under the foundations of our own beliefs.

This takes a lot more consistent effort than staying in a comfortable mental jail, especially if there’s a nice car in the drive way.

Let me show you what I mean: Did you ever see the movie, The Shawshank Redemption? In the movie there is an old guy who has been running the library in the prison for many years. This guy has been in jail almost all his life. While he is inside, he and his fellow prisoner speak often and fondly about the day when they will be on the other side of those gates, the day when they will be free.

The years go by and finally the day comes and the old guy is released.  He steps onto the other side of the gate, he smells the fresh air. He gets a little job in a grocery store and he even has his own little apartment.  He’s finally free, he can eat meals of his own choosing, whenever he decides he wants to eat them. He can turn the lights on and off whenever he decides. He can walk outside anytime he wants to.  He is free!  Just  a few weeks go by and the news finds its way back to the prison; the old guy has hung himself, he couldn’t handle it out there!

Freedom is a foreign land to anyone who has always lived in slavery….  Therefore, a slave has to be prepared to learn how to live in freedom.

As a kid one of the first movies I saw in a cinema was with Charlton Heston as Moses in “The Ten Commandments.” In later life as I studied the bible I became particularly fascinated with the piece of that story that said: After Moses takes the Israelite’s out of Egypt they spent forty years wandering in the desert. I don’t think that they were wondering around for all those years because they had a lousy sense of direction, so there must have been a more important reason.

What’s fascinating is that during that time they constantly complaining and saying how they miss the food and other things they had while they were slaves in Egypt. They begged Moses to take care of them, and they even had several rebellions against him.

Let’s remember Moses is the fella who has climbed a mountain and been chatting with “The Big Guy”.  On many occasions he’s put his own life on the line in order to get these people out of slavery and now all they are doing is moaning, complaining and missing slavery.

It seems to me that they had to wonder the desert for forty years so that all the people who had only know slavery could die out and with it their slave mentality. That way those who would enter “the promised land” would never have lived in slavery and could actually appreciate their freedom.

Even today in a “first world”, “democratically free” country so many live as slaves.

The slaves of today are dress considerably better. Some of them even drive fancy cars and live in big houses… Yet so few people are really free!

When I look around I see people imprisoned in their jobs, their mortgages, their relationships and false obligations.

As I speak about in my upcoming book; “Don’t Read This…Unless You Want More Money” (Release date May 4th 2010) Freedom is possibly the most driving of all human desires.  Just stop for a moment and consider this because in one form or another I think you’ll agree; we are all in our own way, looking for higher and higher levels of freedom. That’s a good thing because it is our nature to be free.

There again, I ask you: What is freedom? And how would you know if you actually got it?

“That’s easy,” you say. “More money!” But is that it? Is more money really what freedom is? I doubt it.

Over the years, I have met and worked with people from all kinds of financial backgrounds. Some of the individuals who have hired me to take them from success to fulfillment and on to creating a legacy have more spending money a month than the average person has to keep a small family going for a year.

In my travels, I’ve met people who are so financially poor that the poverty line would be a giant step up on the income ladder. In both extremes, I have met people who were free and those who were far from free.

Money, I find, is rarely a guaranteed path to freedom.

I want to challenge you to look at how you would know if you were free, and how you may be in some form of servitude.

“Money will not solve all your problems, make you more spiritual or bring you eternal happiness, but there again, neither will financial struggle.” ~Dov Baron…

I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

With gratitude,

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