Okay, the party is over and we’re all back at work, now what?

Do we get back in the groove that sets the rut? Or do we set in motion a locomotion of unstoppable resolve?

Now that the door of 2010 has opened do you find yourself hiding in a corner afraid of what’s on the way? Are you there at the brink ready to bolt over the line, feeling your foot come down into the certainty of where you will ride this Tiger of a year, because you have, in advance, taken the time to decide the direction of your 2010 .

Almost everyone gets some level of excitement at the prospect of a New Year, (even if it’s just as a reprieve from the last one). However; entering into anything with merely “hope”, Is a lot less than a plan for success.

What are your Goals and commitments for 2010 ?  Whether your goals and commitments are in the areas of finances, health and fitness, career, or relationships, the question worth asking yourself is: Do you actually want to fulfil yours this year? What if there was a simpler, effortless way to do that?  What if it were as easy as listening to some CDs and writing down your goals? Would you do it?

Before you say it could not possibly be that easy, know this:

You’re Right!

It doesn’t matter how many times you put my Resonating Riches CD program, or EFM Audio Technology or for that matter any program into the CD player, just listening is not ever going to be enough!

But part of what gets in the way of people’s success is that they come to believe that accomplishing goals has to be hard, it has to hurt . However, as thousands have experienced before you, with the right guidance, it could be a heck of a lot easier.

keep reading and you’ll understand how and why…

I want to help you keep your Goals and Commitments this year and avoid the disillusion that comes from setting half-assed goals that don’t really matter, and in fact stand in the way of your complete authentic and joyous success.

As I’ve spoken about in other posts and at some of my leadership programs: It is important to pay attention to our rituals . Much of what we do, we do ritualistically. We do things over and over again and we do them to invoke an outcome . Whether that outcome is a change in our mind state that leads to a hangover or one that leads to greater and greater levels of success , all rituals are about invoking a “preferred state change” either within ourselves or our reality.

There are personal and societal rituals that we make personal. One of those society rituals has been to set “New Years Resolutions .” The purpose of which has been to invoke that “preferred state change” either within ourselves or our reality.

Sadly, all too often many people think that their looks, talents and simply making the resolution will be enough to propel them to higher ground. All too often these are the people whose “wishful thinking” will have them do little more than splutter over the starter line.

The fact is: Nothing is more common than unsuccessful individuals brimming with talent.

If you have ever set a New Years Resolution or Goals or you know people who have, you are probably wondering: Why do so many people fail when it comes to fulfilling their Goals and New Years Resolutions?

The #1 Reason: First and foremost without even realizing it… Most people are setting goals that are not their own!

I can not make this more simple and I know it seems obvious: Whatever goals or resolutions you set for 2010 make sure they are your own!

Quite simply, take a minute or two and really question your goals… Are they really about you, (who you really are)?  Or are they the goals you are setting in order to be liked a little more by your brothers, sisters, friends, bosses, peers, or even mom and dad?

(By the way, to your ego mind approval is golden, so anyone’s approval will do).

The fact is, anyone can come up with a set of goals that sound right. But it’s worth checking with yourself to truly find out if they are goals aimed at getting approval rather than truly making you happy.

If you are unconsciously setting goals that are not in resonance with who you really are, you are likely to find a way to not reach them or at the very least sabotage the process of reaching them.

A few years ago I was working with a guy we’ll call Paul. Paul at that time was a successful corporate Vice President , who had a goal to buy a particular model of a new Mercedes .

I helped him to get absolutely clear on the specifics of what he wanted: model, year, color of both the exterior and interior and many other details that would make it absolutely real for him. By the time we were done, he could describe the exact sound the air made as it left when the car door closed.

Paul’s ‘goal’ was to get the car by March 1st. This was something that was a stretch, but with everything in place it was definitely doable.  March 1st came and went, as did the entire month, and then April and May. When I asked him why he thought he had not manifested what he wanted, he gave me a long list of what he called ‘reasons’ and I called ‘excuses’.

My statement to him was that ‘it’ (the car), clearly didn’t matter enough to him. If it did, he would have done whatever it took to have gotten the car. Paul wanted to argue about it, until I asked him the question I’m now asking you:

Who’s approval do you make up you will get by achieving this goal?

t was like I’d slapped Paul in the face with a wet cod . He was stunned by the list of names that fell out of his mouth. There was a guy at work who had made a snide comment about how he thought Paul was doing better than to be driving what he was presently driving. There was his dad, who had always wanted a Mercedes but had never been able to afford one. There was even some woman he had the hots for ten years ago; she thought Mercedes were sexy.

Do you get it?

Sure, Paul ‘liked’ Mercedes and he certainly wouldn’t mind driving one. But, in truth, there was no genuine passion there ; it was not something that mattered enough to him. The reason Paul didn’t manifest what he ‘desired’ was there was no personal juice to fuel what it would take to bring that thing into his life.

Paul, like most people, had unconsciously set a goal that was more about ‘what other people would think’ than it was about what he truly, soulfully wanted .

If you’re on a few “Self-Help” lists, you’re probably getting a lot of input on how to ‘properly’ set goals for 2010. I am sure they are all full of great stuff, but here are the basics: It is important to have a goal written down. Goals in your head tend to mutate into things that, A) we will never reach or B) we’ll just settle for.

In the words of Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series)

“Don’t Just Think It, Ink It!”

Listen, this coming year, I predict , will be a defining year for so many people. I believe It will be a year where you will need a better plan, more commitment and a heck of a lot more flexibility . For that reason it is equally important to make your goals and resolutions totally and absolutely have deep personal meaning . When you make that goal or resolution, be specific!

Go into the details , get all your senses involved … What would it look like , sound like, smell like, taste like, feel like to touch , and most important of all what would it feel like, to have ‘it’ in your life?

Whatever your goals are, ask yourself:

  • What would my life look like having met this goal?
  • Having met this goal what do I hear around me?
  • What do I smell?
  • What is the taste in my mouth?
  • What am I touching now that lets me know I have fulfilled the outcome of my goal?
  • What does it feel like to know I have become what I had a goal of becoming?

Now that I’ve given you some of the reasons why so many people fail at achieving their goals , let’s get into the next powerful tip that make achieving your goals a certainty:

Take out a sheet of paper, (I find there is a deeper emotional connection when we write by hand).

Write down as many reasons as you can about “why” you deeply want this specific goal.

What is it that makes having this in your life so important to you?

If you can’t get emotionally charged by what it is you are going for, chances are you will find a way to NOT get it!

It is this directed emotion that sets up the quantum resonance wave that draws to you every opportunity to fulfill your desire . The drive to keep going, to accomplish your goal or resolution is not in the thing itself, it’s the “reasons why” that will power you through the obstacles, (and make no mistake, there will be obstacles.)

Whether it’s personal , business , health, relationship , make the goal specific, and emotionally charged , because that’s what creates compelling goals that pull you towards what you want and what you want towards you!

Having gone through this Goals Blueprint let me ask you to remember:
Whatever you dream of having in life… more money, more romantic and fun relationships, a booming business or fulfilling career… whatever it is… start your journey today toward making your New Years Goals a reality in 2010.

Start now!

Take out your pen and paper and begin applying what I’ve given you in this blueprint that Makes Achieving Your Goals a Certainty .

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I look forward to seeing you in 2010.

With Gratitude,


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