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A traveler who had traveled over a long period of time and a great distance, came to sit at the feet of a wise sage.  Finally receiving the gift of being with the sage the traveler in that wonderful moment realizes he is being granted the rare gift of being able to ask the sage absolutely any question the traveler wishes to ask.

In reverence, the traveler took  a seat, calmed himself and his breathing.  In a moment that resonated pure peace, the sage softly asks;  “Of what do you wish to know?  What question do you wish to have answered that will bring more joy, ease, enlightenment and love into your life?”

The traveler, taking in a deep breath replies: “How can I be happier?” Because our traveler was genuine in his question, the sage sat quietly for a moment, and in his wisdom, the sage explained that question was vague, in that it was a general and the correct answer is completely dependent upon the mood and situation the traveler finds themselves in, in any given moment.

The sage offered to guide the traveler into a more specific question. The traveler understood and indeed asks a more specific question, to which the sage answered a deeply wise answer.

Sadly, the traveler did not like the answer given, and stated something similar to: “That won’t work for me”.

The sage seeing the struggle and pain in the eyes of the traveler and redirects the traveler until the traveler has an answer that goes straight to the heart of the matter.

The traveler is deeply grateful and walks away holding in his mind this cherished gift.

Two years go by and the traveler returns to the feet of the sage asking the same question.  Sadly, the traveler like so many who had sat before the sage had done nothing with the gift received and two years later the traveler is still lost, still complaining about the same problem.

We are all travelers in need of answers. In my last post I suggest that…

The right question at the right moment can be like being given a secret key to the knowledge you have always wanted and needed.

There are other factors to be considered when it comes to the power of questions and just like the traveler in our story we must ask ourselves:

  • Are You Clear About What You Want To Know? (A vague question almost always will result in a less than satisfying answer)
  • Are You “Truly” Willing To Hear The Answers? (All to often people ask questions of themselves or others that they don’t want to hear an honest opinion about)
  • What Are You Willing To Do With The Answer’s You Get? (Sometimes people ask questions as a form of intellectual stimulus rather than genuine guidance)

I’m preparing for “First Access” which starts on Friday Evening. To attend live, details are at

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Well fellow traveler, I look forward to seeing you there and answering your questions.

I look forward to your comments and feedback .

Until next time live with courage, Dov…

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