Do you have: Money Problems or Belief Problems about Money?

What does it take to shift from feeling and experiencing financial panic to feeling and experiencing financial flow?

“I can still remember being a child hiding with my mom and siblings as the rent man would bang, bang, bang the door knocker…

Our hearts would race, afraid to so much as breath for fear of being heard.  Facing the rent man without the rent meant the potential for homelessness.”

You know what’s fascinating– my mother always made sure the rent was paid, even if it was late. We were never evicted or homeless, and yet for the first twenty plus years of my life at the end of each month, as rent day came approached I carried that childhood anxiety with me.

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Even if you cannot attend the live event, let me encourage you to attend the tele-seminars. We’ve already had one, and the feedback was excellent and we have got two very exciting ones coming up.
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What’s more is, if you are running some old crap about money in your head and the crap has got you feeling anxious, these tele-seminars will certainly help you get off that “highway to hell.

So, let’s start getting your financial vehicle turned around… and pushing you down the road at high speed to new and better beliefs about wealth. We’re going to do this by first examining the unconscious beliefs that may have been in the way of your abundance.

Remember I’m not going to get anything out of this, but it has the potential to turn everything around for you. So, please do yourself a favor. Get out a pen and pad and  answer the following questions.

Even if the one or more of the questions below don’t make sense right away, stay with it! The answers can help uncover the reasons why you aren’t experiencing the financial abundance you deserve. One warning:
Be Perfectly Honest!

  • Are you rich because you have money or do you have money because you’re rich?

  • Are you poor because you don’t have money or don’t you have money because you’re poor?

  • Are you struggling with money and because of that money is struggling to come to you?

  • Are you more committed to having to struggle more than you are committed to having money?

  • What would money give you that you want?

  • What would money give you that you don’t want?

  • What does struggling financially give you that you don’t want?

  • What does struggling financially give you that you do want?

Please remember, you can lie or tell the truth, it’s your call.
You can BS me or someone else, but ultimately you can’t BS yourself.

So, dig in, answer the questions.
I’m guessing you’re in for a surprise or two or eight. Enjoy the ride!

I look forward to your feedback.
Until next time, live with courage. Dov…

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