Don’t you just wish you were lucky? You know, just like the person who things just seem to fall in place for them?

I want to share with you the secret to becoming lucky.  But first, I like to think I have a good grasp on who my readers are, and so with your permission, I would like to ask you a couple of questions, if that’s okay with you.


Let me start here:  How many times have you been told, in one form or another, that someone has some kind of magical solution to your problem?  You know what, you don’t need to answer that; the truth is it’s probably more often than you can count with infomercials, commercials, web pages, and goodness knows what else.


Over time, we’ve all been bombarded with magical solutions:  Everything from something that will cook your chicken in record time, slice a can and your tomatoes without even dulling your blade,  magic weight loss pills, instant hair for your bald spot, instant hair removal for your hairy spots, penis enlargers, breast enlargers, tummy tuckers, butt lifters, blenders that do everything but clean your bathroom floor, and a myriad of other miracles for just three easy payments of… The problem is that even if something is of genuine value, most people have been so soured by the smooth talking commercials that we can’t recognize true value anymore.

The question is this:  Is there something you can trust to actually deliver what you want? The answer is YES! However, don’t panic, I am not going to sell it to you, and in fact, neither can anyone else.

My guess is that if you are reading this, (which of course you are), you have at one time or another felt a bit ripped off by someone’s magical promises and as a result you are smart enough to have done your research and analysis of what’s being offered to see if it is going to truly be of genuine assistance, right?


My guess is that the reason you even purchased some of the things is because you had a problem and you wanted a solution.  Simple, right? I would guess that you pride yourself on being open-minded. You’re likely someone who feels they have at the very least a fundamental understanding of the way life works and you now understand that it’s your time to step up, make things happen, and as a result others likely look to you as a leader. Again, am I right?  If I’m at least somewhat on target, then there’s a good chance that you are committed to making a difference not only in your life, but also in the lives of others.  Again, if I’m at least somewhat right, please read on.  If not, you can go read something else and I promise to take no offense.


Now let’s get back to the thing you can trust to actually deliver what you want…even though I already told you that I can’t sell it to you, it does have a price, in fact there are three accumulative prices and for many these prices will just be too high.

Let me give you a clue to what it is:  Here’s a riddle for you:

What’s the one thing you can allow to be stolen from you and never be able to get back?


Time is one of the prices you will have to pay, it’s not the only price, but it’s the first one.  To get what you want in life, whether you’re using magical weight loss pills or anything else, it all takes a certain amount of time.  To get what you want in life, each day you will have to dedicate some time to getting ‘it.’

The second price you must pay is one of an emotional investment.  Simply going through the motions is not enough! You must do what you need to do to get where you want to get and you must do it with absolute PASSION!

The place where this can get tough is there will be days when you feel like the results will never happen and on those days you must find the way to apply even more passion.


The third price you will need to pay is the one so very few are willing to invest and that is the price of:

‘Action in the Face of Ridicule.’

‘They’ will ridicule you; they will say you are crazy; they will laugh at you for putting in the time and doing so with passion.  And worst of all, ‘they’ will likely be the people who ‘love’ you.

Why will they do that?  Well, there are many reasons that I don’t have space to deal with right here, but what I can tell you right off the bat is they will ridicule you because they too have been sold the idea of magical thinking, where everything appears supposedly without any effort and if it doesn’t, it’s just not worth it.


Know this, while you are driving to your dreams there will be times particularly at the beginning where they and maybe even you cannot see the results you are looking for. However, if you are truly on your path and you are paying the price, you will know that what they are looking to see and cannot yet see in the outer world is already 100% real in your inner world and it’s just a matter of ‘time’ before it shows up in your outer reality.


But, beware!  As they sit there holding on to their mediocrity and minimizing everything you do and telling you to stop dreaming, when what it is that you have been investing in with your time, emotional energy, and your willingness to face disapproval does show up, they will call you ‘lucky.’

They will not understand and neither should you try to convince them for…

The dreamer cannot explain the process of dreaming to one who refuses to dream.

You can describe swimming to someone who has never swam but that’s not the same as diving in, feeling the rush of the water against your skin, hearing the sound of your own body submerge into the muffled silence as the taste of the ocean washes across your taste buds.  There is no explaining to those who are not willing to experience.

On your journey away from the town of mediocrity to the top of Dream Mountain, there will be things that become dead weight that you can no longer carry. Endless hours of watching TV, gossiping about celebrities you actually know nothing of any substance about, eating rather than dealing with emotions, and as you will discover for yourself, a myriad of other things will just fall away.


When you start achieving what you want in life they will say; “you’ve changed” and you may be tempted to say; “No, I haven’t.”  Please don’t do that to yourself!  Say “YES I have, and thank you for noticing.” The fact is, you are changing and change is a natural part of being on the planet and those who complain that you’ve changed are clearly trying to hang on to some glory days gone by.  Maybe a memory of being the hottest kid in school, 10, 20, or however many years ago or maybe some other past glory.


The path to fulfilling your dreams is not for the weak.


The path to your dreams is in fact the hero’s journey and it can be a lonely one unless you seek out fellow travelers. Fellow seekers who have also invested their time, their passion and they too have been ridiculed for being a dreamer. Those who walk this path successfully find fellow travelers to support their journey.


Look, here’s what I found: When you invest the three things I’ve outlined here: Time, Energy, and the Willingness to Face Ridicule, it will appear that you get ‘lucky’, that things appear to happen magically for you.


What you will know is the truth: You got “lucky” because you did what it took.

I look forward to your feedback and comments.

Until next time; live with courage, Dov… 


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